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“Art is making life more interesting than art” Robert Filiou

Galerija 10m_ is located in Stakleni gard (city of glass) in the centre of Sarajevo close by to Markale Market and carries on with its contemporary art activities since November 2004. Galerija 10m_ is not exactly a gallery but rather an “art house space”, a space of experimentations, confrontations and meetings, a field of artistic experiments, attempts and overflowing; a place of great liberty which enables artists to face an uncommon space.
The point is not to know whether what is presented is art but rather to wonder if the goal was reached or not.

“I am my own government” Gustave Courbet

Galerija 10m_ is financially supported by the French cultural centre André Malraux of Sarajevo, the cultural department of the French embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, sporadically by the Winter Festival of Sarajevo (Sarajevska Zima), by the cultural department of the German and the Swiss embassy as well as some generous donors who do not wish to be known.

“Behind every representation, there is a suspicion: not to have chosen the good scenario or, more precisely, the idea that our lives are worth living provided we accept our dreams and immerse ourselves in the exuberance and contradictions of our times.”

Galerija 10m_ is against the idea that “what Europe wants is not peace, but simply to have some peace and not to listen anymore about this story (about Bosnia)” and that “considering this, it faces difficulties ahead”.

« May be excused my total liberty » Antonin Artaud

Galerija 10m_ encourages and supports various artistic attitudes and practices, proposes collectives and thematic exhibitions and hosts punctually fashion shows and contemporary dance projects.
More than anything, Galerija 10m_ wants a space of liberty, exchanges and sharing for artists and the audience.

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